Leah Drew LMT, CPT, NKT, ANF

Pain Management Specialist

Movement & Rehab Specialist

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What Clients Are Saying...

"Although Leah has great training skills, desire to see her clients succeed, and an insatiable need to help, her greatest asset is her commitment to your personal health. She makes herself available almost to a fault, listens, encourages, and puts in place a system to maximize results. Leah is a blessing to anyone who knows her. You won't make a mistake by utilizing her to reach your goals... She's tremendous with kids also!!"

Henry S

Very professional as well as knowledgeable - highly recommended.

Steve O

Leah is brilliant, super innovative, warm yet professional, a great listener and educator, and most importantly can figure out a solution to your problem without medication or surgery! And that’s priceless. I highly recommend her.

Mimi S, DNP

I met Leah at a yoga class and was curious about the work she was in. I had my first appointment yesterday and right after I felt so much better. From post concussion, to migraines, she has helped me tremendously. She has a great personality, work ethic and knowledge and looking forward to my next session. I would Definitely recommend ANF - Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy, it works great for pain and inflammation and just after a few hours I felt so much better.

Melissa Y

Leah is the best. She has a wealth of knowledge and she's a pleasure to work with. I had a shoulder injury that seemingly wouldn't heal. I tried all sorts of conventional treatments and none of it helped. But she was able to get to the root of the problem and solve it. She also taught me about intra abdominal pressure, diaphragmatic breathing, kettle bell swings, squat and deadlift form, all sorts of awesome stretches and bodyweight exercises. I HIGHLY recommend Leah to everyone!

Tim O

Leah is super knowledgeable without being the least bit intimidating. Her personality is such that I felt at ease with her right away. I went to her for a pain issue that's been nagging me for nearly a decade. I had tried PT, acupuncture, and a chiropractor without lasting results. After just one visit, I have had amazing results! She is a virtual miracle worker!

Kim S

Leah offers a unique combination of knowledge, insight, and understanding of the human body, especially as it relates to functional movement and being/feeling healthy. She is always trying to better her patient's well-being and has my safety and health in mind 100% of the time. She listens to what I say about how I feel but also to what my body is telling her as we deal with my injury and dysfunction(s)/compensation patterns. Quite simply; Leah can help you!

Matt P

Leah tailors a program to meet your individual needs. She is consistently positive, encouraging and supportive! - And she makes it fun!

Cynthia L

"Leah is a great coach. She really cares about her clients and teaching us to get the most out of our workouts. I really looked forward to training with her and my team. When I had a slight injury she was very knowledgeable on how to recover quickly without losing momentum."

Wendy S

I found Leah in May and she is amazing. She has been working with me on severe ankle pain. She refuses to give up on me. She is truly an inspiration. She has helped so much already. She is a great trainer. And an amazing person. She truly cares about every client she has!

Marisa C

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