Leah Drew LMT, CPT, NKT, ANF

Pain Management Specialist

Movement & Rehab Specialist

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A Mind, Body, Emotion Appraoch

A Mind-Body-Emotion Approach

A unique approach to decreasing pain & inflammation, improving strength and optimizing your quality of life

Through a Mind-Body-Emotion approach, Leah's focus is on treating the cause of her clients aches, pains & dysfunctions rather than on treating the symptoms. There are many factors influencing pain including but not limited to emotion, organ function, nervous system function, range of motion, injury & health history, life habits, and more. 


Leah treats her clients through many modalities including but not limited to movement evaluations, Neurokinetic Therapy, Amino Neurofrequency Therapy, hands on modalities (massage, stretching and other forms of bodywork), rehabilitative exercise, mindfulness techniques, breath & intrinsic core work, Kinesiotape, Voodoo Bands, nutritional support, Essential Oils, and more for a holistic approach to pain management. Once out of pain, Leah teaches her clients how to stay mobile, build intrinsic strength and avoid future pain, and live a lifestyle that supports pain free movement.


Leah understands that the treatment of pain requires a multifaceted, individual approach, which is why she works closely with every client to offer a unique approach based on their personal needs, goals, and personal health history.