Leah Drew LMT, CPT, NKT, ANF

Pain Management Specialist

Movement & Rehab Specialist

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Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy

When nothing else helps

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What is ANF Therapy?

Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) Therapy is a revolutionary holistic approach to pain & inflammation. ANF is a wearable frequency therapy helps to remove inflammation at the cellular level resulting in instantaneous pain relief & improved healing 


What results can I expect?

Results with ANF therapy are much faster than anything you have likely experienced before. They are often almost unbelievable. Because this therapy works to improve nervous system signaling directly at the cellular level, the effects of the treatment are instantaneous and long lasting. 


What is inside the disc's?

ANF disc's are made of a carbonized metal that is capable of holding, sending & receiving a frequency (communication; kind of like a game of telephone.) It is the same technology found in satellites that transmits data except ANF communicates in the same language as your body!


There is nothing in the disc other than a particular neural-frequency that mimic the frequencies that control your body & its ability to function & heal. This therapy is non-invasive and works without the use of supplements, drugs, or needles.


Is this therapy for me?

This therapy is for you if you have tried several treatments that have not worked, have not gotten to the root cause of your pain or problems or offered you long lasting results.

This therapy is safe for all from newborns to the elderly, men & women, pregnant women & even animals! (we even have special discs for horses!)


How does it work?

This carbonized metal material initially created by NASA and developed into a therapy by

Mikel HG Hoff, emits a specific frequency when activated by the body's own infrared heat. The disc's communicate directly with the body's nervous system to remove inflammation, and create a self-healing & self-regulating processes.


Is this therapy safe?

ANF discs are a class 1 medical device. There are no dangers with using ANF therapy as it is a natural way to support the body's self-healing processes. Occasionally patients may experience detox symptoms as the body begins to heal, however this a positive sign. ANF is safe for any living being and offers significant pain relief within 5-20 minutes.

What can ANF help with?

Improving Athletic Strength & Performance

Chronic & Acute Pain & Inflammation

Decreasing Anxiety & Depression Symptoms 

Plantar Fasciitis 

Attention & Focus Problems


Immune Support

Optimizing Organ Function

Skin Conditions & Scar Healing

Improving Digestion & Gut Health

Decreasing Arthritis Symptoms

Hormone Imbalances

Shin Splints

Sprains, Strains, and Breaks

Traumatic Brain Injury & Concussions

Whip Lash

Organ issues/Dysfunction

Kidney Stones

Urinary Leakage

Joint issues


Interested in treatment or becoming an ANF practitioner?


"You are the best! Thank you! I feel so much better and these disks are awesome!"

"I think if more people knew about this therapy, there wouldn't be an opioid crisis in this country!"

"Good morning I just got off the phone with the Dr's office and they said everything from the blood work came back very positive said T levels are close to a normal range and cholesterol is better they are going to mail me the results and I will forward when I get thanks again for your help and helping me feel better"

"After struggling with attention problems my entire life, ANF provided me with the answer I needed. I am finally off stimulants such as Vyvanze & Adderal for the first time! It feels as though ANF has given me the ability to fee like I can carry a normal work load and not worry about distractions or deadlines!"

"I have noticed I have more energy and my eyes look a little better, more like they did before I had the hemorrhage & I am seeing more clearly. I also have been nauseous today (which I know is a detox symptom, so I will drink more water). At least the headache is gone!


"So far these disks have been magical. I slept with No pain last night!"

"Just ran 2 miles for the first time in months with the least amount of pain I've had in so long!!! Thank you Leah!"

"I was taking an incredible amount of Tramadol (opiate) 100mg every day, must have been taking up to 800mg daily!! to cope with shoulder pain and very bad knee injury. A friend came to visit us a few weeks ago and had some patches on him , I asked him why he was wearing them and told me about the treatment that Leah does and took his pain away from his shoulder that he'd had for such a long time! Mick is a builder so you can imagine all the heavy stuff he has to carry and lift each day! He Is still pain free ! I was desperate at this point and my pain was just awful! I went to Leah through desperation to try anything and being perfectly honest with you I really wasn't totally convinced anything was going to change and I'd still be in a lot of pain, well, I couldn't have been more wrong! I am now using my shoulder and I am walking without a limp!! Incredible! I have not touched one Tramadol (opiate) since the first session and feel fantastic! Wish I'd had this done years ago."

This Client had bilateral hip surgery on the same day. She used 2 rounds of discs on ONE of the incisions. Can you guess which incision was treated with ANF?

6 Day Difference with ANF